Page Turner Adventures visits Alachua County Library District

Page Turner Adventures logo illustration of a blimp and a compass.Alachua County Library District presents Page Turner Adventures for your summer fun and enjoyment.
This ten week video series includes comedy story theater shows, crafts, recipes, author interviews, guest performers, contests, games, and much more for children ages 5 – 10 and their entire family. Each week has its own theme and is updated every Monday for the current week.   
This is made possible by NEFLIN, the Northeast Florida Library Information Network.


Week 1: Imagine Your Fairytale Story

Monday, June 8, 2020
This week's theme is Imagine Your Fairytale Story. There will be fun crafts including paper bag gingerbread houses and no bake Red Riding Hood cookies; musician Skiboo performs; and authors Lucia Gonzalez and Chris Grabenstein; along with many stories and mixed up fairy tales told and acted out by storyologists Page Turner and Kenny.

1. Show Fairytales
2. Craft: Red Riding Hoods Cookies and Craft: Paper Bag Gingerbread Houses
3. Author
4. Madlibs
5. Guest: Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

Week 2: Outer Space

Monday, June 15, 2020
Week 2's theme is Outer Space! Meet author Lori Haskins Horan and illustrator Priscilla Alspaugh, and write your own space stories. There are fun, easy crafts to make at home including fizz ball planets, space case bags and a flying saucer frisbee. All of this, along with videos like the Book from Outer Space and Pie in the Sky Dreams, full of the crazy shenanigans and stories from Page Turner and Kenny!

1. Video Adventure: Pie in the Sky Dreams!
2. Video Adventure: Book from Outer Space
3. Crafts: Alien Puppets, and Alien Frisbees
4. Author visit: Lori Haskins, PLUS Lori reads Space Mice, and Illustrator visit: Priscilla Alpaugh
5. Tween Crafts: Fizz Ball Planet, and Space Case
6. Video: Emission Impossible
7. Video: Janet's Planet

Week 3: Science Week!

Monday, June 22, 2020
Week 3's theme is Imagine Your Science Story! Attend a STEAM Lab show and backstage theater tour. Meet authors JJ & Chris Grabenstein, as well as author Teresa Robeson. Learn how to make balloon rockets, solar ovens, thaumatropes, and phenakistoscopes (yep, those are real things!) All of this, along with magician and PBS star Steve Trash, plus adventures from your resident storyologists Page Turner and Kenny!

1. Video Adventure: Steam Show!
2. Younger Children's Craft: Thaumatropes!
3. Older Children's Craft: Balloon Rockets!
4. Tween Crafts: Solar Oven and Phenakistoscope
5. Author visit: JJ and Chris Grabenstein
6. Author visit: Teresa Robeson
7. Guest Performer: Magician, Musician, and Eco Hero Steve Trash!

Week 4: It's Adventure Week!

Monday, June 29, 2020
Week four's theme is Adventure! Get a sneak peek at Pirate School, coming later this summer. Meet authors Kelly Milner Halls and Donna Gephart, plus illustrator Esther van den Berg. Find out how to make a magic purple wish lion, create Easter Island statue heads and Tanabata stars, and craft your own set of binoculars. All of this, along with special guests Sandwich Adventure and Information Jones, plus all the usual crazy fun with storyologists Page Turner and Kenny!

1. Video adventure: Information Jones and the Purple Wish Lion
2. Video: Pirate School preview
3. Craft: Paper Plate Wish Lions and Paper Tube Binoculars!
4. Tween Craft: Easter Island Heads and Tanabata Stars!
5. Author visit: Donna Gephart interview and book reading.
6. Author visit: Kelly Milner Halls
7. Illustrator visit: Esther van den Berg!
8. Guest Performer: Adventure Sandwich!!

Week 5: Music and Art

Monday, July 6, 2020
Welcome to week 5! This week is all about Music and Art! Watch teams of teens take the Guerrilla art challenge, and challenge yourself by making your own crafts such as paper cup drums, book bats, clapping sticks and EZ tie dye. Meet author Sherri Winston, and groove along with 10 year-old blues musician Miles Hoyt and his fabulous family band! All of this, along with more special guests and the crazy adventures of storyologists Page Turner and Kenny!

*Google Drive link for the craft and artwork handouts*

1. Video: The Guerilla Art Challenge!
2. Younger kids crafts: Clapping Sticks and Paper Cup Drums
3. Older kids crafts: EZ Tie Dye and Book Bats
4. Author Visit: Sherri Winston
5. Guest performer: 10 year-old blues musician Miles Hoyt

Week 6: All about Cooking!

Monday, July 13, 2020
This week's theme is all about adventures in cooking! Join the Great Pizza Contest Show with Page and Kenny; tortilla pizzas, granola pinwheels, cup pies and fruit pizza are on the menu. There are also fun crafts to make, including pencil mustaches and paper plate pizzas, and an author visit with Margaret Dilloway who has been cooking up some great stories to tell!

1. Video adventure: Great Pizza Contest
2. Kids Crafts: Fruit Pizza, Cup Pies, Paper Plate Pizzas
3. Tween Crafts: Tortilla Pizzas, Granola Pinwheels, Pencil Mustaches
4. Author Visit: Margaret Dilloway
5. Story Time: World Read Aloud Day with a Pizza Book!

Week 7: coming soon...

Monday, July 20, 2020

Week 8: coming soon...

Monday, July 27, 2020

Week 9: coming soon...

Monday, August 3, 2020

Week 10: coming soon...

Monday, August 10, 2020