Last day and everything is 10 cents

The spring Friends of the Library Book Sale (April 21 to 25) features almost 500,000 items in 64 categories, all at reasonable prices. Shop for books, manga, CDs, art, records, comic books, DVDs and more at the Bookhouse, 430 B North Main Street, Gainesville
Saturday, April 21: 9 AM - 6 PM
Sunday, April  22: Noon-6 PM
Monday, April  23: Noon-6 PM
Tuesday, April  24: Noon-6 PM  1/2 price day
Wednesday, April  25: Noon-6 PM 10-cent day

Check out the Collector’s Corner stocked with first edition books, signed copies, collectibles and rare books for purchase at fair prices. It is located in a separate area at the sale and is open Saturday through Tuesday only. Start browsing now from these highlights:

Stray Toasters, by Bill Sienkiewicz, 1st printing, a graphic novel
Junior Les Grands Héros, Issues # 1-9 in a hardback book, 1952
Andy Warhol’s Index Book, 1st printing, 1967

Spider-Man DVD Spider-Man the ’67 Collection – 6 Volume Animated Set in slipcase, written introduction by Stan Lee


Willie Nelson, an autobiography, signed two timesWillie Nelson an autobiography
Ask Your Mama: 12 Moods for Jazz, by Langston Hughes, 3rd printing, 1971Ask Your Mama: 12 Moods for Jazz by Langston Hughes

Vintage Records – a nice selection of records including: 

  • Jimmy Reed, Rockin’ with Reed, Vee Jay label, 1959, very good condition
  • Thelonious Monk, Plays Duke Ellington, Riverside label, 1955, very good condition
  • Sonny Rollins, And the Big Brass, Metro Jazz label, 1958, very good condition.
  • B.B. King, I’m in Love, b/w Shut Your Mouth, RPM records, 1955, 78 RPM
  • Ray Charles, The Great Ray Charles, 1962, very good condition.
  • James Brown, Live at the Apollo Theatre, Black label on King records, 1966, very good condition.Chubby Checker and Bobby Rydell
  • Edd Byrnes, Kookie, WB label, 1959, very good condition.
  • Bobby Rydell / Chubby Checker, Cameo records, 1961, very good+ condition.

The Official History of Laurens County Georgia 1807-1941
, by Bertha Sheppard Hart, 1987
A large selection of books on Georgia genealogy
A large selection of cemetery records for Indiana, Georgia, and Alabam.

German Radio Propaganda
, 1st edition, 1944
Saga of the All American, (History of the 82nd Airborne Division in World War II)
The Halder War Diary, 1939-1942, 1st edition
Civil War booksThe Civil War Art of Mort Kunstler, signed, 1st edition
The Civil War, by Bruce Catton, Easton Press
The War Ships and Navies of the World, published in Britain, 1880
The Lost Cause Regained, by Edward Pollard, 1st edition, 1868
Book of the Dead – Papyrus of Ani, 2 volumes, 1913
Texas Game Warden Chronicles, by Mike Bradshaw, 2009
Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. – American, an autobiography, signed, 1991
Three Years in Mississippi, by James Meredith, 1st edition, 1966
Kennedy and Lincoln: Medical & Ballistic Comparisons of Their Assassinations, 1980
The Writings of “Colonel William Byrd off Westover in Virginia Esge, Limited edition #156/500, 1901
Confederate Raider Alabama / “Civil War Claims – U.S. Gov’t Arbitration Case Against Great Britain - 1871
Democracy in America, by Alexis De Tocqueville, 2 volumes, 6th edition, 1876
The Supreme Court - New Edition of the Chief Justice's Classic HistoryThe Supreme Court – New Edition of the Chief Justice’s Classic History, signed, 2001

Cannabis – A History
, 1st edition, 2004
Hell in Harlan, by George J. Titler, signed, (United Mine Workers’ History)
The History of Sniping ad Sharpshooting, 2008.
Music Spectacle in Baroque Rome, 1st printing, 1994
Album of Philippine Types, Christians and Moros, 1904
Charles Darwin Biography/ 2 volumes, by Janet Browne, 1st edition, 1995 and 2002
In Savage Africa: or Six Years of Adventure in Congo-Land, signed, 1st edition, 1892
History of the United States Secret Service, by L. C. Baker, 1st edition, 1867
Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia, 2003

Albert Camus – Solitude & Solidarity

Through Elegant Eyes, by R. A. Lafferty, signed, limited edition, 1983
Golden Gate and Other Stories, by R. A. Lafferty, signed, limited edition, 1982
On the Road, by Jack Kerovac, 1st edition, paperback in fine condition, 1958
Pnin by Vladimir NabokobPnin, by Vladimir Nabokov, 1st edition, British edition, 1957
The Miniature Shakespeare Library in Twelve Volumes – 2002- in a box made for the set

Clive Cussler booksA large selection of rare, signed, first edition, and collectable thrillers and sci-fi books, specifically many by Clive Cussler and Tony Hillerman
Light from a Lone Star, by Jack Vance, limited edition, 1985

The Ingoldsby Legends of Mirth and Marvels
, illustrated by Arthur Rackham, 1929
A good selection of collectable Harry Potter books.


Florida booksA large selection of books on Florida Native Americans and Florida Archaeology, published by University Press Florida
A large selection of books by Harry Crews – first editions, signed and unsigned
A nice selection of a variety of books by Zora Neale Hurston
Timucuan Chiefdoms of Spanish Florida: Resistance and Destruction, Volumes 1 and 2, by John E. Worth, 1st edition, 1998
A Guide to the Florida GrassesA Guide to Florida Grasses, by Walter Kingsley Taylor, 1st edition, signed, 2009
The Medical Profession in 19th Century Florida:  A Biographical Register, by E. Ashby Hammond, 1996
Florida Counties History booksThe History of Madison County, by Elizabeth H. Sims, 1st edition, 1986
Osceola County Centennial 1887-1987, Centennial Book Committee, 1987
The River of the Long Water, by Alma Hetherington, 2001
Once Upon a Lifetime in Baker County, Florida, (Baker County family histories), Volumes 1, 2, 4, & 5, by LaViece Moore-Fraser Small, signed, 1993-1995
Romantic and Historic Levy County, by Ruth Verrill, 1st edition, 1976

Button Parade, by Dorothy Foster Brown, with price guide, 1968
Available beginning Sunday: Nolan Ryan memorabilia.  A large collection of signed ball, plaques, etc.

All the items sold at this event are donated. The sale benefits the Alachua County Library District and its literacy programs. The FOL donates unsold books to non-profit organizations. Cash or checks only. Please bring bags or boxes.  
Posted by NickieK on April 16, 2018