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The fall Friends of the Library Book Sale (October 21 to 25) features almost 500,000 items in 64 categories, all at reasonable prices. Books, manga, CDs, art, records, comic books, DVDs and more. Shop at the Bookhouse, 430 B North Main Street, Gainesville.
Saturday, Oct 21: 9 AM - 6 PM
Sunday, Oct 22: Noon-6 PM
Monday, Oct 23: Noon-6 PM
Tuesday, Oct 24: Noon-6 PM  1/2 price day
Wednesday, Oct 25: Noon-6 PM 10-cent day

Check out the Collector’s Corner stocked with first edition books, signed copies, collectibles and rare books for purchase at fair prices. It is located in a separate area at the sale and is open Saturday through Tuesday only. Start browsing now from these highlights:

Winsor McCay – His Life and Art, by John Canemaker, forward by Maurice Sendak, revised and expanded edition, 2005
Milestones in the History of Carpets, by Jon Thompson, 2006
The Secret History of Salvador Dali, by Dali, 1st edition, 1942
The Visconti Uffiziolo, by Umberto Baldini, translated by David Bennett, 1st edition 1964
Thomas Jefferson; Architect and Builder, by I. T. Frary, signed, 1931
Formless A User's GuideFormless, by Yve-Alain Bois and Rosalind E. Krauss, 1997
Thomas Jefferson’s Garden Book 1766-1824
, by Edwin Morris Betts, 1944
The House of Simon de Varie, by James H. Marrow, 1994
Storyville Portraits, by E. J. Bellocq.  Photographs from the New Orleans red-light district circa 1912
Leni Riefenstahl Five LivesLeni Riefenstahl Five Lives, by Taschen, 2000
Antonin Nechodoma: Architect, 1877-1928: The Prairie School in the Caribbean, by Thomas S. Marvel, ISBN 0-8130-1269-4, in shrink wrap
Snuff Bottles of China, limited edition #128/500, in slipcase, signed by authorSnuff Bottles of China

The Edge of the Sea by Rachel CarsonThe Edge of the Sea, by Rachel Carson, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1st edition, 1st printing September 1955
Conquest of the Moon, by Wernher von Braun, Fred L. Whipple, and Willy Ley, 1st edition, Viking Press, 1953The Exploration of Mars and Conquest of the Moon
The Exploration of Mars, by Willy Ley and Wernher von Braun, 1st edition, Viking Press, 1956
Ferns: British and Exotic, full 8 volume set, 1872

A History of the Campaigns of 1780 and 1781 in Southern Provinces of North AmericaA History of the Campaigns of 1780 and 1781 in the Southern Provinces of North America, by Lieutenant-Colonel Tarleton, Commander of the late British Legion, printed for T Cadel, in the Strand, London, 1787
1781-1881 Proceedings at the Unveiling of the Battle Monument in Spartanburg S. Carolina in Commemoration of the Centennial of the Battle of Cowpens, with illustrations, published by The Cowpens Centennial Committee 1896
A Sermone, Occasioned by the Death of Lieutenant-General George WashingtonA Sermon, Occasioned by the Death of Lieutenant-General George Washington, Late President of the United States of America.  First Delivered in the Baptist Church, Savannah, Georgia, January 19th (1800), 16 pages in wraps inside a custom made box
The Treason of Charles Lee, Major General, Second in Command in the American Army of the     Revolution, 1860, signed
The Diaries of George Washington – 4 volumes, Regents edition, 1925
George Washington: a Biography – 6 volumes, by Douglas Southall Freeman, Charles Scribner, all 1st editions, 1948-1954
The Life of Nathanael Greene, Major General in the Army of the Revolution – 3 volumes, 1867-1871
The Life of Alexander Hamilton – 2 volumes, by John T. Morse, 1st edition, Little Brown, 1876
The Constitutional Law of the United States – 3 volume set, by Westel Woodbury Willoughby, 1929
Button Gwinnett, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, #473 of 1001 copies printed, 1926
Life of General Lafayette with a Critical Estimate of His Character and Public Acts - 2 volumes, by Bayard Tuckerman, 1 of 50 copies printed on hand-made paper, Dodd Mead, 1st edition, 1889
Memoirs of Gen. W. T. Sherman -  2 volumes, written by himself, 4th revised edition, 1892
Recollections and Letters of Robert E. Lee, by his son Captain Robert E. Lee, 1st printing, 1904
Christ in the Camp or Religion in the Confederate Army, by J. William Jones, 1904
Four Years in Secessia: Adventures within and Beyond the Union Lines …, by Junius Henri Browne, 1st edition, 1865
Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company, signed by Andrew Lytle, 1960
Vermont in the Civil War, 2 volumes, 1886
The Civil War – a Narrative – 3 volumes, by Shelby Foote, later printings
“Alabama Claims” – Government Printing Office, 1871.  U.S. Arbitration Case against Great Britain regarding Confederate raiders built in Britain during the Civil War
The Stalingrad Trilogy – 4 volumes, (WW II), by David M. Glantz, 1st printings, 2009-2014
Operation Drumbeat, by Michael Gannon, signed by author and by German U-boat U-123 Commander Reinhard Hardegen, 1st edition, 1990
Navajo TaboosNavajo Taboos, by Ernie Bulow and Tony Hillerman, with art by Ernest Franklin, signed by authors and artist, 1991
The Story of the Middle Ages – 5 volumes in slipcase, Folio Society, 1999
Windows on a Chinese Past - 4 volumes, by James Ng, 1993
We Japanese – customs, manners, ceremonies traditions in brocade cover
The Negro of the Old South, by Susan Bradford Eppes, 1941
A Tear for Somalia & Another Tear for Africa – 2 volumes in slipcase, by Douglas Tatham Collins, published by the Amwell Press
The Effects of Nuclear Weapons, with “Bomb Effects Computer”, by U.S. Government Printing Office, 1977

Grunt Gear USMCGrunt Gear USMC Combat Infantry Equipment of World War II, by Alec S. Tulkoff, 1st edition, 2003.

The History of South Carolina under the Royal Government, 1719-1776, by Edward McCrady, 1st edition, 1899
Historical Collections of South Carolina; Embracing Many Rare and Valuable Pamphlets, and Other Documents Relating to the History of the State from Its First Discovery to Its Independence, in the Year 1776 – 2 volumes, compiled by B. R. Carroll, Harper and Brothers, New York, 1st edition, 1836
A History of Georgia from Its First Discovery by Europeans to the Adoption of the Present Constitution in MDCCXCVIII – 2 volumes, By Rev. William Bacon Stevens, 1847/1859
Miscellanies of Georgia – Historical, Biographical, Descriptive, by Absalom H. Chappell, James F. Meegan Publisher, 1874
History of Georgia – 2 volumes, by Charles C. Jones, Jr., 1st printing, Houghton Mifflin, 1883
The History of Fayette County, Georgia 1821-1971, 1977 edition

Holmesteading: The History of Holmes County, FloridaHolmsteading, The History of Holmes County, FL, by E. W. Carswell, 1986
Florida’s Highwaymen, Legendary Landscapes, by Bob Beatty, 2005Florida books
A Thousand-Mile Walk to the Gulf, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1st edition, printed November 1916
What it Means to be a GatorWhat it Means to be a Gator: Urban Meyer and Florida’s Greatest Players, by Schlabach, Easton Press, 2008
I Take This Land, by Richard Powell, 1st edition, 1962
Several new editions by H. D. (Hilda Doolittle; 1886-1961), University Press Florida:
White Rose and the Red
Bid Me to Live

Majic Ring
The Sword Went Out to Sea

The Heat Islands by Randy Wayne White
Mary Jane by Martin Caidin


The Heat Islands, by Randy Wayne White, 1st edition, 1992
A Large Collection of Books by Martin Caidin.
Many are signed copies.






VINTAGE PAMPHLETS / HANDBOOK:Vintage Pamphlets /Handbook
Handbook for Immigrants to the United States, prepared by the American Social Science Association with Maps, 1871
Florida: The Advantage an Inducements Which It Offers to Immigrants, by the Secretary of the New  England Emigrant Aid Company, 2nd edition, 1868
Florida As a Permanent Home: Embracing a Description of the Climate, Soil and Productions of the State …, by D. H. Jacques, 1977
Homes for All in Florida the Most Attractive State in the Union, the Italy of America, Excelsior Press Print, NY
Georgia: From the Immigrant Settler’s Stand-Point, by Thomas P. James, A.A., M.D., Commissioner of Agriculture of Georgia, 1879

Words, Weather and Wolfmen – Conversations with Tony Hillerman, signed, limited edition, 1989
The Young King and Other Tales, by Oscar Wilde, 1 0f 50 vellum copies, #32, spine is damaged, 1922
Plea of a Negro Soldier and a Hundred Other PoemsPlea of a Negro Soldier and a Hundred Other Poems, by Charles Fred White, signed, 1908
Glory for Me, by MacKinlay Kantor, 1st edition, 1945 - a novel in blank verse later made into the Academy Award winning movie “Best Years of Our Lives”
The Arabian Nights, illustrated by Rene´Bull, Dodd Mead & Co., has nine beautiful tipped-in color illustrations
A Christmas Carol by Charles DickensA Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, illustrated by Sverett Shinn, 1st Thus, Garden City Publishing NY, 1938



The Dark Wind
, by Tony Hillerman, signed, 1st edition, 1982Tony Hillerman's books
People of Darkness, by Tony Hillerman, 1st edition, 1980



Children's Christmas books and pop-up booksA nice variety of vintage British children’s books – many by Enid Blyton. Many vintage and early series books, including an almost complete set of The Rover Boys. Along with other difficult to find series, this sale will include many Judy Bolton and Dana Girls titles.  Similar and contemporary to the Nancy Drew, and Hardy Boys books of yesterday, these two series seldom show up in such quantity. A nice selection of illustrated titles along with old favorites and classics, including Doctor Doolittle, Mary Poppins, Uncle Remus, and a collection of the much loved “Dog Books”, by Albert Payson Terhune.

Poster Comic Color Cartoon The Valiant TailorART:
Framed Print Gathering of Eagles, signed by the artist, Jay Ashurst, pictured pilots’ signatures, limited issue #295/1000, 50th anniversary of WW II triptic.  Includes the booklet, Gathering of Eagles, 1995

Lambeth Method of Cake Decortion and Practiacal Pastries, published by Joseph Lambeth, 1934

Shands Family History

Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, Folio Society, limited edition #260 / 1500, ¼ leather

Michigan – Champions of the West
, by Bruce Nadej, leather bound with signatures of famous University of Michigan athletes, including President Gerald Ford and Bo Schembechler, 1997

A large collection of tintypes and cabinet cards, and vintage photos (available beginning Sunday)
A large selection of 11”x14” Disney lobby cards from Disney cartoons – (sold individually beginning Sunday)

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