Board of Trustees Meeting 05/20/09

Wednesday, May 20, 2009



WEDNESDAY- MAY 20, 2009 - 5:30 PM




PRESENT: Chair Dorothy Field, Vice Chair Kim Worley, Trustees Carol Higman, Ryan Litsey and Harold Wilber

ABSENT: Trustees Vivian Filer and Joel Buchanan

ALSO PRESENT: Library Director Sol M. Hirsch, Administrative Services Division Director Shaney T. Livingston, Terry J. Rasch, Suzi Blaze, Public Services Division Director Elizabeth Curry, Support Services Division Director Marlene Harris, Jennifer Carr, Foundation Chair Laura Shaw, and Joanne B. Auth.





The Minutes of April 15, 2009 were approved by consensus.



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A. Board of Trustees Ad hoc Committee for Review of Bylaws

Mr. Wilber, Committee Chair, reported that at the April 15, 2009 Trustees meeting, Chair Field appointed an Ad hoc Committee to review the Trustees Bylaws. The Committee, including Ms. Field, Mr. Litsey and Committee Chair Wilber, met on April 21, 2009 at 5:15 pm. Mr. Hirsch, Library Director, and Ms. Rasch, his assistant, provided the agenda, current Bylaws, along with pertinent history and legislation. The Committee reviewed the information and proposed revisions to the Bylaws. Following the Committee meeting, staff drafted the Committee’s proposed revisions to the Bylaws and forwarded the draft electronically for review by the Committee. Once reviewed by the Committee, the proposed revisions were forwarded to the County Attorney for review and comment. The Attorney had no objects to the proposed revisions. The proposed revisions were included in the May 20, 2009 Board of Trustees Agenda in strike-through underline for review by the full Board of Trustees. Trustees Bylaws may be amended in two steps: 1) by proposals given to the Board at a preceding meeting, 2) by adopting the measures by an affirmative vote of four members. The proposed Bylaws revision will be placed on the next Board of Trustees Agenda for final approval. Mr. Wilber thanked the Committee and staff for their assistance.

Chair Field asked for comments from the audience. Citizen Joanne B. Auth suggested that in V.2. the word “may” be replaced with “shall”. There was a brief discussion, and the Trustees retained the Committee’s proposed language. Chair Field thanked Ms. Auth for her comments.

B. Friends of the Library (FOL)

Ms. Higman, Trustees FOL Representative, reported that she was unable to attend the May 8 FOL meeting but had received updates from FOL Board members. She commented on the FOL Mini Grant Program which has two cycles, one in November and one in May. She reported that the Friends have added 4 new mini grants, totaling $3,380 and that the FOL will have expended a little over $10,000 in mini grants within the period of one year. The new mini grants are:

1) Gainesville Community Ministries which is directed towards GED High School Program;

2) Healthy Start Program with the Alachua County Health Department which is a program entitled “Building Babies Brains”

3) Holy Trinity Caring Center, complementary to an early mini grant award, “Toddlers Telling a Story” age 2 through 5 age group

4) Department of Pediatrics at the University of Florida “Developing Language in Infants Through Toys”

The last 3 grants are all directed to infants or toddlers which fits into Success By 6 very well.

Chair Field stated that the Library District’s Friends of the Library are legendary throughout Florida if not beyond Florida.

Ms. Higman added that the FOL is also looking at options to support the Millhopper Expansion Project at a possible $75,000 level.

C. Foundation Board of Directors Report

Mr. Wilber reported that at the last Foundation Board meeting, the Merrill Lynch representative reported that funds were down 23% except for gold and treasury bonds and that hopefully there will be a turn-around within the next 6 months. He also reported that over 260 people attended the Foundation Gala on May 17 th ; the Foundation Ad hoc Committee for the Conflict of Interest Policy is moving forward with its recommendations; and the Foundation has a new Board member.

Ms. Shaw, Foundation Board of Directors Chair, reported that Mr. John Hendrix had purchased a leaf on Katherine’s Tree in honor of his Mother.

She also reported that the GALA was wonderful. She had not confirmed, but thought, the GALA grossed approximately $36,000. Guest author Diana Gabaldon was gracious with her time signing books and having photos taken. Davina Porter, narrator of Gabaldon’s audio books, was excellent when she read from the author’s new book. The basket of books valued at $500 sold for $950.

She also reported that the Foundation will be discussing endowment language with the Foundation’s investment counselor.

Chair Field congratulated all of the Foundation Board members on another outstanding GALA.



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A. Policy Statement “Hazard Communication”

Mr. Hirsch, Library Director, presented the proposed elimination of the “Hazard Communication” Policy Statement. Mr. Litsey moved approval of the deletion of this policy statement and recommended that the Governing Board approve the deletion of the policy statement. Mr. Wilber seconded the motion. There was a brief discussion regarding employee training and monthly safety meetings. Motion carried.


A. Monthly Report (April 2009)

There was a brief discussion regarding the increase in circulation and borrowers statistics. Mr. Hirsch and Ms. Curry commented on the “Alternative Futures Community Discussions”, held by the County Manager, that they had attended and citizen comments regarding the library being what they like the most about Alachua County.

Mr. Hirsch gave an overview of the Partnership Branch Library project and an update on the status of the project and opening dates. He also reported that ACLD has been approached by UF regarding the possibility of a mobile health clinic at the Tower Road Branch Library on Tuesday evenings and health related programs in the Tower Road meeting room.

B. Governing Board Action on Board of Trustees Recommendation

Ø Policy Statement Revision “Safety” – approved by Governing Board on April 23, 2009.

C. Library District Press Releases and Publicity

Mr. Hirsch distributed a color copy of the photograph from Library Days of House Speaker Cretul and the ACLD group. This photo was published in American Libraries May 2009. Mr. Wilber inquired how the photo got published. Angela Harris, Marketing & Public Relations Manager submitted the photo.

Ms. Worley commented that she had shared the Skateboarder article that was in the agenda packet with a parent who expressed concern that his son only wanted to skateboard and nothing else.

D. Board of Trustees Committees

Trustees were asked to let Mr. Hirsch know by June 5, 2009, on which committees they are interested in serving. He will then forward this information to Chair Field prior to the next Trustees meeting. Chair Field stated that she would like to remain on the Pension Advisory Committee but would like to have another Trustee serve on the Legislative Committee. She and Mr. Hirsch gave an overview of the Legislative Committee responsibilities. Mr. Litsey expressed interest in serving on the Legislative Committee.

Mr. Hirsch reported that he had been contacted by Trustee Joel Buchanan and that Mr. Buchanan will be submitting a letter of resignation from the Board of Trustees, due to personal reasons. Chair Field commented that Mr. Buchanan was an asset to the Board of Trustees and hopes that he will reapply in the future.

Mr. Hirsch also reported that due to personal reasons, Trustee Vivian Filer may find it difficult to attend meetings. She is concerned about when she can return and her attendance. She will contact Mr. Hirsch prior to the next meeting of the Trustees regarding her status. She hopes to remain on the Board if at all possible.

Mr. Hirsch reported that he had contacted the County Attorney regarding filing vacancies if they occur. The County Attorney confirmed that we should follow our usual process of advertising, nominations by entities and appointment by Governing Board.

Ms. Higman stated that she will be unable to attend the Joint Governing Board/Board of Trustees Workshop on May 28 th and that she will be out of the Country in June. She will return in July.

Mr. Hirsch inquired how many Trustees will attend the Budget Workshop on May 28. Chair Field and Mr. Wilber will attend. Trustee Litsey will attend if Trustee Filer is also available to make a quorum. Mr. Hirsch will check with Trustee Filer to see if she can possibly attend the May 28 meeting at 10:15am and then notify Trustee Litsey.

Mr. Hirsch inquired how many Trustees will attend the June 17, 2009 Board of Trustees meeting. Chair Field, Vice Chair Worley and Trustees Litsey and Wilber will attend the Trustee meeting on June 17. The Trustees Bylaws will be on the agenda for approval. If we have a quorum (4) at the Budget Workshop, the Trustees can approve the tentative budget at that time. If not, this item will also be on the June 17 agenda for approval and will need approval on the 17 th in order to forward to the Governing Board in June.


Ms. Worley commented that the City of Waldo did a proclamation for Library Appreciation Month in April.




The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 pm.