Board of Trustees Meeting 04/15/09

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



WEDNESDAY- APRIL 15, 2009 - 5:30 PM




PRESENT: Chair Dorothy Field, Vice Chair Kim Worley, Trustees Carol Higman, Ryan Litsey, and Harold Wilber.

ABSENT: Trustees Vivian Filer and Joel Buchanan

ALSO PRESENT: Library Director Sol M. Hirsch, Terry Rasch, Jan Scales, Suzi Blaze, Stephanie Ksionzyk, Angela Harris, Public Services Division Director Elizabeth Curry, Support Services Division Director Marlene Harris, Foundation Chair Laura Shaw, and Joanne Auth.



The meeting was called to order at 5:33 p.m. Mr. Hirsch added two items to the agenda:

Item IV.D. Pension Advisory Committee Meeting and Item VII.E. Library Administrators Digest Article.

Ms. Higman moved approval of the agenda as amended. Ms. Worley seconded the motion. Motion carried.



The Minutes were approved by consensus.



A. Welcome and Introduction of New and Re-appointed Board of Trustees Members

Mr. Hirsch, Library Director welcomed and congratulated Trustee Dorothy Field on her reappointment to the Trustees and Trustee Ryan Litsey on his appointment.

B. Recognition of Joanne B. Auth

Trustees Chair Dorothy Field presented a plague to Ms. Auth in appreciation of her service on the Library District Board of Trustees. Chair Field thanked Ms. Auth on behalf of the Trustees and Mr. Hirsch thanked her on behalf of the staff.



A. Friends of the Library (FOL) Report

Ms. Higman, Trustees FOL Representative, reported that FOL will be funding 16 members to attend the Diana Gabaldon Gala. Attendees will be selected by lottery. The Books for Soldiers is going well with an average of 2 boxes being shipped per week. Mr. Hirsch added that the funds collected at the FOL Booksale in jars near the registers also go to fund the FOL parcels and ACLD parcels for the Books for Soldiers. Mr. Litsey inquired if DVD’s were included, and Mr. Hirsch said that the selections are made based on specific requests.

Ms. Higman also reminded everyone that the FOL Booksale will begin on Saturday.

B. Foundation Board of Directors Report

Ms. Shaw, Foundation Board of Directors Chair, reported that Ms. Auth will remain on the Foundation Board of Directors. She also added to the FOL report that FOL supports the Foundation’s Gala with a $5000 donation.

She reported that the Foundation had received a very generous donation from the Maren Foundation. Ms. Shaw and Mr. Hirsch gave Ms. Maren a tour of the Alachua Branch last Friday. She was pleased with the Branch and the Snuggle Up Center. The Maren’s prefer to support the Library District and Foundation with no reference to the amount of the donation.

Ms. Shaw also reported that the University of Florida Community Campaign application had once again been accepted. This continues to grow, beginning at $4,000 now up to $13,000.

The Foundation’s efforts are focused on the Gala at this time.

C. Report on Library Days

Trustee Wilber gave a full report on the Library Days Trip (see attached report).

D. Pension Advisory Committee

Mr. Hirsch, Library Director, announced that a Pension Advisory Committee Meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at 2:30 pm in the Foundation Room. The Library District’s Valuation Report will be presented at the meeting. The Pension Board of Trustees (Governing Board) will meet on Thursday, April 23, 2009 immediately following the 10:15 am regular Governing Board Meeting.


A. (There were no items submitted in this category.)


A. Policy Statement – “Safety”

Mr. Hirsch, Library Director, presented the proposed policy revision to the “Safety” Policy Statement. There was a brief discussion regarding point of review by management and incident/accident reporting procedures. Ms. Higman moved approval of the proposed revisions to the Safety Policy Statement and forwarding to the Governing Board with a recommendation for approval. Mr. Wilber seconded the motion. Motion carried.

B. Board of Trustees Bylaws Review

Ms. Field, Trustees Chair asked for two Trustees to volunteer to join her on an Ad hoc Committee to review the Board of Trustees Bylaws. Mr. Wilber and Mr. Litsey volunteered. Ms. Field appointed Mr. Wilber Chair of the Committee. Ms. Rasch, Assistant to the Director, will schedule the meeting and notify members of the Committee.

C. Election of Board of Trustees Chairperson and Board of Trustees Vice Chairperson

Mr. Hirsch, Library Director called for nominations for Chair of the Trustees. Ms. Higman nominated Ms. Worley and Mr. Wilber seconded the motion. Ms. Worley stated that she did not feel ready for this responsibility at this time and needed another year.

Ms. Worley nominated Ms. Field. Mr. Litsey seconded the motion.

Ms. Field was elected by a show of hands 2 – Ms. Worley and 3 – Ms. Field.

Ms. Field was elected Chair for a second term.

Mr. Wilber nominated Ms. Worley for the position of Vice Chair. Mr. Litsey seconded the motion.

Ms. Worley was elected Vice Chair for a second term.


A. Monthly Reports (February & March 2009)

Mr. Hirsch, Library Director, introduced Stephanie Ksionzyk, Staff Assistant in Administration. Ms. Ksionzyk has a degree in Anthropology, and Mr. Hirsch promised to try and convince her to get a Masters in Library Science.

Mr. Hirsch commented on the increase in circulation during March. Mr. Wilber commented on how busy branches were during the tour with Mr. Hirsch on April 13. There was a brief discussion regarding the break-in at Archer Branch Library.

B. Governing Board Action on Board of Trustees Recommendation(s)

Ø Long Range Facilities and Service Plan for Fiscal Years 2009-2014

Ø Library Director’s Performance Evaluation

Ø Policy Statement Revision “Fines”

C. Millhopper Branch Expansion Update

Mr. Hirsch reported that the contractor is still convinced the project will be completed within the original projected time frame. No delays to-date with contractors or sub-contractors. ACLD is working with the designer, and we are beginning the process to order furniture for the Branch.

D. Library Services & Technology Act Grant Award – Partnership Branch Library & Government (The Partnership Library - Neighborhood Resource Center)

Mr. Hirsch reported that Ms. Curry, Public Services Division Director, contacted the State Library regarding Federal funds that pass through the State Library. The Library Partnership Branch is progressing with a little delay with City of Gainesville permitting. Partnership for Strong Families may open a little earlier than the Library, as the Library’s furniture is expected to be delivered at the end of May. Mr. Hirsch also announced that the Branch Manager will be Anita Jenkins. Ms. Jenkins was previously the Outreach Services Manager.

Mr. Hirsch also reported that he had be approached by and met with the Tower 24 Group regarding their desire for a community center in the 32607 area. He will be speaking with County Manager Randy Reid tomorrow regarding this group. He has also spoken with some members of the Governing Board one-on-one.

E. Library District Press Releases and Publicity

Mr. Hirsch announced that the Governor had proclaimed April 2009 Library Appreciation Month. Proclamations have been or will be read at the Governing Board Meeting, Board of County Commission, City of Gainesville, School Board of Alachua County, Cities of Alachua, Archer, High Springs, Waldo, and Hawthorne.

Mr. Hirsch also distributed an item that appeared in the April 2009 Library Administrator’s Digest about the Marigold Report, Marigold Library System Board of Trustees Member Self-Assessment.


Ms. Field asked Mr. Wilber to Chair the Ad hoc Committee to Review the Board of Trustees Bylaws. Mr. Wilber accepted.

Ms. Field appointed Mr. Wilber to serve as the Board of Trustees Representative on the ACLD Foundation Board of Directors to replace Ms. Auth, former Trustee.



The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 pm.