Active Shooter: How to Respond?

Active shooter situations are scary for adults.  Imagine the terror for a child in such a situation.   Alachua City of Police, including Chief Joel Decoursey, will provide children with safety advice so they can be prepared in case they ever encounter such a situation. 

When:    Saturday, June 20 at 12:00 NOON

Where:   Alachua Branch Library, 14913 NW 140 St, Alachua, FL

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Here are a few titles for children about staying safe:

Book jacket: Staying Safe Around StrangersBook Jacket: Stranger SafetyBook jacket: Let's Talk About Keeping Safe by Sarah LeVete

The American Academy of Pediatrics explains why this issue is so important:

Protecting Children from Gun Violence

Posted by RossW on June 18, 2015