African-American Read In 2015

Trickster tales will be the focus of this year’s African-American Read-In.  What is a trickster tale?  Think of Bugs Bunny and ‘wabbit’ hunter Elmer Fudd or perhaps the Pirate of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow who uses his wit and charm to trick those who would like to see him walk the plank.  While these tales were created in modern times for the big screen,  African-American trickster tales were created even before the printing press had been invented and relied on spoken words.

This year the Read-In will focus on the retelling of a few these humorous and imaginative tales.  You may have heard about Br’er Rabbit or Anansi the Spider, however, there are many more to discover.  So stop by the Alachua Branch on Sunday, February 8th between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm to hear community members deliver their renditions of these wonderful stories.   This year our readers will be poet Stan Richardson, author Bonnie Bing, author Kandra Albury, and students- Amulra Kumar, Candace Mercado, and Jamill Howard. Musical entertainment will be provided by the duo Rack Bingham and Gussie Lee.

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Posted by RossW on January 24, 2015