Battle dragons, goblins, and trolls at the library

An unanticipated expedition:  December 14th at 2 PM

After a fire-breathing dragon drives dwarves out of their mountain home, a special hero is enlisted to aid thirteen dwarves in their quest to reclaim their lands and stolen gold.

Traveling from his home in the Shire, this brave diminutive adventurer understands what is precious to the spirited group from Middle-Earth.  Together they will face untold dangers from goblins, elves, trolls, and stone giants.  Will the possession of a mysterious magical golden ring help this band of travelers on their epic quest, or will it spell their doom?

The quest continues with………….


Misery of the dragon:  December 15th at 4 PM


Becoming lost in a forest, our group of travelers are ensnared by giant spiders but are helped by two wood elves.  Afterwards, the wood elves take the group back to their elf king.  Escaping by using empty wine barrels on a wild flight down the river, our heroes are pursued by elves and orcs alike.

Seeking help for the wounded among the group, the brave troupe flees to a town on the lake.  There, the leader of the dwarf band promises a share of the gold to the people of the town in return for their help. 

Will the humans help the inhabitants of Middle-Earth or will our fearless group be forced to battle for the fate of the world on their own?


Find out the answers to these and many other questions when the Alachua branch library premiers these live action film adaptations of the popular series of books by J. R. R. Tolkien.  


All movie-goers are invited to create their own magical dragon and /or magnet with scenes from the movies.  Activity sheets and coloring pages will also be available.

Posted by DonnaR on December 2, 2014