Beware of the Scary Vegetables

Vegetables are scary.  They can be mean and devious.  We have all known this since childhood, but no one ever talks about it.  Instead, we are encouraged  to eat vegetables, so we can absorb their vile tendencies and turn them into something that is 'good'  for us. 

It is time for the truth to be told.

The Alachua Branch has the courage to tell it.  We found the clues in picture books and devised a grand plan to announce the truth to the world using a scarecrow as the messenger.  The Scarecrow can be found at Scarecrow Row on Main Street in the city of Alachua.   

These are some of the books that hold the clues:

There are more books with more clues.  We are depending on you to find them!


Posted by RossW on October 4, 2018