Books to Read When You're Just Over It

We've all had those days when life feels overwhelming. Those days seem to be coming in abundance lately. Check out this list of books that are perfect for those days when you are just over it all.

everything's trash but it's okay yeah no not happenning f*ck feelings nobody caresFrom Sh!tshow to Afterglow

Everything's trash, but it's okay -- Phoebe Robinson

Yeah, No. Not Happening -- Karen Karbo

F*ck feelings: one shrink's practical advice for managing all life's impossible problems --Michael Bennett

Nobody cares: essays -- Anne T. Donahue

From Sh!tshow to Afterglow -- Ariel Meadow Stallings

we are never meeting in real life wow no thank you would everybody please stop i was told there'd be cake i might regret this

We are never meeting in real life: essays -- Samantha Irby

Wow, no thank you: essays -- Samantha Irby

Would everybody please stop? : reflections on life and other bad ideas -- Jenny Allen

I Was Told There'd Be Cake -- Sloane Crosley

I might regret this: essays, drawings, vulnerabilities, and other stuff -- Abbi Jacobson

So Close to Being the Sh*t buy yourself the lilies let's pretend this never happenned calm the f down

So close to being the sh*t, y'all don't even know -- Retta

Buy yourself the f*cking lilies: and other rituals to fix  your life, from someone who's been there -- Tara Schuster

Let's pretend this never happened: (a mostly true memoir) -- Jenny Lawson

Calm the F*ck Down: how to control what you can and accept what you can't so you can stop freaking out and get on with your life -- Sarah Knight

I'm Judging You the subtle art of not giving a f everything is fucked suck less

I'm judging you: the do-better manual -- Luvvie Ajayi 

The subtle art of not giving a f*ck: a counterintuitive approach to living a good life -- Mark Manson

Everything is f*cked: a Book About Hope -- Mark Manson

Suck less: where there's a Willam, there's a way -- Willam Belli