Don’t taste "Not That Taste"!







Is it a hard knock life?

See what happens when a young orphan is saved from certain death by a politician with his heart set on the office of mayor.  Will he go too far and adopt Annie just to ensure a win?  Or will he take the opportunity to do the right thing?  Is Will nice?  “I think so, he just doesn’t know it yet”.

Will Annie save Sandy from the streets?

Will Twitter save Annie from the fakes?


Join the Alachua branch library on Sunday, March 22nd at 2:00 pm as we premier the 2014 version of Annie and find out the answers to these questions for yourself.

And remember, if you’re having a bad day, the sun’ll come out tomorrow.  Smile.  Because you’re never fully dressed without a smile


Posted by DonnaR on February 25, 2015