Florida Author Tim Dorsey at the Alachua Branch

 New York Times bestselling author and Floridian extraordinaire Tim Dorsey returns to the Alachua Branch on Wednesday, December 9 at 6:00 PM to talk about the new adventures of Serge Storms and Coleman in his most recent  novel Shark Skin Suite. During a movie binge on legal movies set in Florida, Serge decides to become a lawyer and devises the  "fixer" method for educational purposes.  Let's just say college classes are not in the picture.  Interestingly, one of the fixes takes place at a well-known tourist attraction in Alachua County. 

Meanwhile down in the Keys, a female former acquaintance - you know, one of 'those' memorable, intimate types - with an bona fide legal degree takes on greedy bankers who are ruthlessly foreclosing on property owners.  The class action suit angers the bankers' legal team who are determined to win by any  means possible.  Serge and Coleman, who is now his paralegal assistant, come to the rescue in the way that only Serge can maneuver.

Already read Shark Skin Suite?   Not to worry.  Dorsey has a new Serge Storms novel, Coconut Cowboy,  available the last of week of December.   Picture of Hot Sauces

Dorsey will be available to put his autograph on anything you desire - as long as it is safe for public display.  He will also have his new line of hot sauces available for purchase along with baseball caps, t-shirts and books.



Shark Skin Suite bookcoverCoconut Cowboy bookcover 

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For a complete listing of Tim Dorsey titles in the Alachua County Library District, click on the image of Florida:

Florida Map from Tim Dorsey

Ever had a Coleman moment when reading one of the books?  "Hey Serge,  I thought you killed that dude a couple of books ago.  What's he's doing in this book?"  Here's the buzz - there is publication order and then there's chronological order.   If you want to read the books as they were printed, read in publication order.  If you want to read in the order of events as they happened, read in chronological order.  Me - I like to read them in both orders at the same time.  Wow!  That will blow your mind for the first five titles but that's cool because then it evens out.   Below is a file with the two lists for those who are orderly inclined.

Posted by RossW on November 29, 2015