Latino LGBTQ Authors

The pain and sorrow concerning the recent terrorist tragedy at Orlando is impossible to voice. Honoring  the heritage of those who are no longer able to speak other than through memories of lives now gone is expecially important. Their heritage lives on in the words of Latino LGBTQ authors who can serve as a tribute to those silenced voices.

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Francisco X Alarcon

"I carry my roots with me all the time rolled up, I use them as my pillow."



Reinaldo Arenas

“Trees have a secret life that is only revealed to those willing to climb them.”



Daisy Hernandez

“It is an empty room, that afterwards, a soledad, and it sits there at the center of a person's life and waits to be filled.”


  Michael Nava

“People are basically screwed-up and often the best you can do for them is listen, hear the worst and then tell it's not so bad.”



Achy Obejas

“Offspring were a joy or a shame, but still the crown of their elders, nature's unpredictable creatures.”



Manuel Puig

“Your reality, isn’t restricted by this cell we live in. If you read something, if you study something, you transcend any cell you’re inside of”



Benjamin Alire Saenz

“The heart can get really cold if all you've known is winter.”



Alex Sanchez

“How is love between two people a sin? Love isn't about gender; it's about two souls uniting.”


Posted by RossW on June 15, 2016