Library’s Summer Reading Adventure movies start out cool and end up in left field



Get your game on this summer at the library and let the games begin!  On Mondays at the Alachua branch library the wide world of sports will be well represented with movies based on several different sports.   Each movie begins at 2:00 pm, with title, lengths and ratings for each listed below.




Karate Kid     PG     140 minutes     2010     7/11/16

Newcomer to China, Dre quickly makes an enemy of Cheng.  Cheng uses his Fighting Dragon karate skills to bully Dre. Can a maintenance man teach Dre that Kung Fu has deeper meaning than just kicks and punches?  This could turn out to be the fight of Dre’s life!

Woodlawn     PG     123 minutes     2016     7/18/16

In 1973, racism and hate filled the city of Birmingham, Alabama.  The Woodlawn High School football team’s dedication to love and unity leads to the largest high school football game ever played in Birmingham. This game marked the rise of African American superstar, running-back Tony Nathan.

(Walt Disney’s) Big Green     PG     100 minutes     2004     7/25/16

Small town coaches try to teach school students a little self-esteem while having fun playing soccer. But the day of the big game, the star player is nowhere to be found! Will the underdog soccer team of misfits be able to pull off a monster championship win, or will they fall into an offside trap?  

(Walt Disney’s) Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch     G     93 minutes     2002     8/1/16

Bud the golden retriever is helping Andrea and the Anaheim Angels. But, just as things are really starting to take off for the baseball team, a terrible thing happens.  Buddy’s puppies are kidnapped, thanks to the help of Rocky Raccoon!  Will Buddy be able to find his babies and still make it to the major leagues? Find out as Buddy goes to bat in this exciting seventh inning fetch!


                      Enjoy your summer with us before the timer runs out and the last whistle blows! 



Posted by DonnaR on May 26, 2016