Renewing an interlibrary loan book

Once in your ILL account look to the menu to the left. Click on "Checked out items" under the heading "View".

That will bring up all the items that are checked out to you. There is a transaction number displayed on the left side of the record for each item checked out.

Click on the transaction number of the book you want to renew. That record then opens up and if a renewal is possible for that item, you will see , in red, the words "renew request" just above the blue title bar that reads "transaction information".

Click the "renew request" button.

It's important to be aware that the item has not yet been renewed. The new due date can only be given by the lending library.

Once this step is finished, it is a matter of waiting to hear from the interlibrary loan staff to be given the new due date if the book is renewed.

If you don't receive a new due date by the time the due date on the book has arrived, then assume it wasn't renewed and return the book.

                                  ***Remember, you can always request the book again.***

If you have any questions, please email or call 352-334-3938

Posted by JeffD on September 29, 2010