Review: The Matchmaker of Périgord

The Matchmaker of Périgord

Title: The Matchmaker of Périgord

What is the book about in your own words?
The book takes place in Périgord, France.  A barber named, Guillaume Ladoucette, is an apprentice barber who graduated from the Périgord Academy of Master Barbers.  He decides to venture out of the city to start his own barber shop in town, Amour-sur-Belle, population roughly 33 citizens.  Guillaume becomes a very successful barber shop owner until his clients become old and bald.  In need of a fresh start he creates a matchmaking business.  Guillaume has little success in matches, but he does rediscover a long last love of his own.

What is your opinion of the book?
I loved this book, it was very humorous at times and romantic.  I really liked how the book had a happy ending and great characters with peculiar personalities.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romantic comedy movies or books.  I would recommend this book to high schoolers and adults because there is a little bit of adult humor in the book.  By far this is one of the best books I’ve ever read.  I especially liked the fact that the book took place in a different country giving the reader an idea of how the culture is in France.  If I could rate this book I would give it a five out of five stars.

Five trivia questions: (including the answers and page number)
1.    What is Guillaume Ladoucette and Stephane Jollis’ outing they like to do together?
Answer- fishing (page 48)
2.    What did the council install in the town to replace bathing in the bath tubes?
Answer- a communal shower (page 107)
3.    What was embroidered on the chair in Guillaume Ladoucette’s matchmaker business?
Answer- a radish (page 76)
4.    Where does Guillaume Ladoucette place the letter he wrote for Emilie Frasse’s?
Answer- Mille Feuilles (tiny cake) (page 247)
5.    What natural disaster occurred near the end of the book?
Answer- a tornado (page 296)

Three Discussion Questions
1.    Why do you think it took Guilloume Ladoucette so long to respond to Emilie Fraisse’s letter?
2.    Do you think Guillaume Ladoucette will continue his matchmaking business, even though he has found his love?
3.    Do you think that the council ever got rid of the municipal shower after the mini-tornado at the end of the book?


Review by T. Stiff