Stay at Home Story Time - Making a Pizza with Friends


Even very young children enjoy making food - real or pretend. It's even more fun with friends! And there are so many cookbooks for kids of all ages!

Take a look at interactive board books that are great for non-messy “cooking". We also have many other children's cookbooks in our collection, available in both print and digital formats, with kid-friendly recipes that are perfect to make with some help. The experience is enjoyable, and the results are delicious!

book Stir Crack Whisk Bake by Maddie Frost  A board book that allows little ones to experience the magic of “baking” cupcakes, from gathering ingredients to swirling on the frosting.

Tacos! by Lotta Nieminen     Also Cookies! And Pancakes! And Pizza! These board books are part of a series called “Cook in a Book” which feature real recipes and a pretend experience of making something delicious.

The Toddler Cookbook by Annabel Karmel  Real recipes that children will enjoy making and eating!

book Kids Cook! by Good Housekeeping  This title and many others available in both print and downloadable versions.

Cool Pizza to Make & Bake by Lisa Wagner   Make a pizza from scratch!



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