There’s a celebration at the castle

In this live action re-make of a well-known animated children’s classic, the kingdom is happily celebrating the birth of the royal heir.  But when a betrayed woodland fairy bestows a not-so-nice “blessing” upon the king and queen’s brand new baby daughter it’s up to three well-meaning fairies to take things (and the princess) into their own hands and save the day!

On her sixteenth birthday, after years of believing that the three loving women who raised her were her only family, a young woman is told that not only does she have another family but that it is a royal family!  What she doesn’t know is that there is a curse upon her.  Before the day is done, she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and …….    


What happens next?  Find out when the Alachua branch library presents their latest “Family Afternoon at the Movies”.  Showtime is November 16th at 2 PM.

You may want to bring your own true love along, just in case you happen to fall asleep.

Posted by DonnaR on November 4, 2014