Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in Archer Branch Library


September 15 marks the beginning of National Hispanic Heritage Month. In honor of the accomplishments and contributions of American citizens of Spanish, Mexican, Central/South Ameircan, and Caribbean ancestry, Archer Branch Library collaborates with Gainesville Latino Women League to celebrate the NHHM with multi-cultural stories, food, and film. Please join us for the event.

WHEN: September 13,  2:00PM

WHAT: Anina, a movie From Colombia and Urugay

WHERE: Archer Branch Library meeting room


If you looking for more movie events around Alachua County for celebrating Hispanic diversity, below are dates, titles, and locations. Thanks to the Latino Women League for showcasing 21 films from 14 different countries, three at public libraries near you.


SEPT. 10 @ 6:30PM

From Ecuador: En Nombre de la Hija or In the Name of the Girl

At the Harn Museum,  Chandler Auditorium


SEPT. 12 @ 2:00PM

From Bolivia: Yvy Maraey: Tierra sin mal or Yvy Maraey: Land without Evil

At the Harn Museum- Chandler Auditorium


SEPT. 14 @ 7:00PM

From Argentina and Brasil: Habi la extranjera or Habi, The foreigner

UF Smathers Library (East Library)


SEPT. 15 @ 7:00PM

From Chile: Las Analfabetas or The Illiterate

At UF Institute of Hispanic, Latino Culture, La Casita


SEPT. 16@ 7:00PM

From Guatemala: Distancia or Distance

The Wooly


SEPT. 17 @ 7:00PM

From Uruguay, Spain, and Germany: Mr. Kaplan

Hippodrome Theater- Cinema


SEPT. 19 @ 2:00PM

From Mexico, Spain: Jaula de Oro or The Golden Cage

At the Harn Museum- Chandler Auditorium


SEPT. 20 @ 2:00PM

From Uruguay: Rambleras or The Promenaders

At the Waldo Branch Library


SEPT. 22 @ 7:00PM

From Peru : Chicama

At: UF Institute of Hispanic/Latino Culture, La Casita


SEPT. 23 @ 7:00PM

From El Salvador: El Tigre y el Venado or The Tiger and the Deer

At: The Wooly


SEPT. 24 @ 7:00PM

From Venezuela, Peru, and Germany: Pelo Malo or Bad hair

At the Hippodrome Theater- Cinema


SEPT. 26 From 10:00am-3:00pm

From  Colombia: Caminandes Gran Dillama and Llama Drama

At the Florida Museum of Natural History


SEPT. 27 @ 2:00PM

From Uruguay/Colombia: Anina

At the Alachua Branch Library


SEPT. 28 @ 7:00PM

From Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Brasil, and Mexico: CINExperimental

At The Wooly



From Peru, Spain: Sigo siendo (kachkaniraqmi) or I Still Am

At the Historic Thomas Center


There are also music and lectures scheduled, the full itinerary is listed on their website. For more information, please go to Latino Film Festival.