Try a New Genre: Fantasy!

Have you ever wanted to branch out and read a different genre than you usually do, but you just don’t know where to start? Do you mainly read Romance novels? Did you know that the Romance genre is a cross-genre also known as a hybrid genre? That means within Romance novels they can incorporate themes and details from more than one genre. Some examples of the sub-genres are; romantic suspense, contemporary romance, historical romance, inspirational romance, and speculative romance which also includes subcategories, such as, paranormal romance. Are you trying to branch out and read some Fantasy books? Try a Paranormal Romance book. This also applies if you are trying to get into the Romance genre. If you think you are ready to branch out fully into a new genre here are a few recommendations from sources around the internet, along with a few Paranormal Romance recommendations.

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The Magicians book coverA Discovery of Witches book coverThe Final Empire book coverOcean at the End of the Lane book cover

Paranormal Romance:

Slave to Sensation book coverDarkfever book coverA Quick Bite book coverYou Slay Me book cover

Posted by SusieB on August 26, 2020