Author Stephanie Powell Watts at Headquarters

Photograph of Watts with Sarah Jessica Parker holding up her book.Stephanie Powell Watts' debut novel, No One Is Coming to Save Us was the inaugural selection by Sarah Jessica Parker for the American Library Association’s Book Club Central.  The story is a powerful novel about an extended African American family and their colliding visions of the American Dream.  It was named one of the best books of 2017 by Entertainment Weekly and the Chicago Review of Books.  She will be speaking at Headquarters Branch Saturday, January 27 at 2:30pm. 

Watts the Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence in 2012 for her book We Are Taking Only What We Need a collection of 11 stories which chronicles the lives of African-Americans in North Carolina. Her short fiction has been honored with a Pushcart Prize.

Ms. Powell Watts’s stories explore the lives of African Americans in fast food and factory jobs, working door to doorNo One Is Coming To Save Us as Jehovah’s Witness ministers, and pressing against the boundaries of the small town, post-integration South. Her forthcoming debut novel, titled No One Is Coming to Save Us, follows the return of a successful native son to his home in North Carolina and his attempt to join the only family he ever wanted but never had.

Born in the foothills of North Carolina, with a PhD from the University of Missouri and a BA from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, she now lives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where she is an associate professor at Lehigh University.

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Posted by ChrisC on November 27, 2017