Create a saved search

Create email alerts that will automatically search for the authors and subjects you love, and email you when a new title is added!  In the example below, we created a Saved Search for James Patterson, to receive monthly emails telling us the library's new James Patterson titles (in all formats).  Create a Saved Search for anything that interests you!  (You can also create a Saved Search for On-Order items.)

To create a Saved Search:

From the library's catalog, click My Account drop-down menu, located on the blue menu bar in the middle of your screen, and select Log In

Log into your library account, using your library card number and PIN (or, if you've created one, your username and password).  Then, you will be directed to the general Search page, where you can search for items.

search menu








You can make your search as general or as specific as you want (read our blog on searches for additional tips on searching in the catalog).  The results will let you know how many items matching your search are currently in the catalog.  In this example, there are currently 438 James Patterson items in the catalog.

search results


Click on the Save Search link, now located on the left side of the screen.

Save search instructions











You will be brought to the Saved Searches part of My Account.  Name your search so that you can remember it, perhaps something like "New James Patterson items."  You can leave a Note on the line below it to further describe your search.

Saved search view











If you already have an email address on file, it will automatically be populated.  If not, type in your email address.  You can also select the format of the email to either HTML or Plain Text.  If you would like to be emailed even if nothing in your search terms has been added to the catalog since your last report, keep the "Email if no results" box checked.  If you only want emails when there are results, unclick it.  

search email choices










Set the Search frequency from the drop-down menu.  

Search frequency










The default Number of times to run is 100.  If your frequency is set to monthly, that means you will receive email notifications for the next 100 months.  You can change this by typing in the number of times you want to receive the email.  Then, click the Save Search button.

default search run time










Your search has been saved, and you will see a confirmation screen.

saved search confirmation










To Delete a Saved Search:

1.  If you no longer need a Saved Search to run, you can delete it at any time.  To do so, log into your account.  From the My Account  box located on the left side of the screen, click on the Saved Searches link.

2. Place a check mark next to the Saved Search you'd like to delete, then click the Delete Saved Search button.

3. You will be asked if you are sure you want to delete your Saved Search.  Click Yes, and your search is deleted.

Posted by MikiW on July 6, 2012