Was your 'Hunger Games' DVD defective? Please let us know

DVD coverSeveral library patrons who checked out the new DVD of The Hunger Games got an ugly surprise 1 hour and 13 minutes into the movie. The DVD stopped suddenly and would not go any further. The company that sold the DVDs to the Library District has confirmed that there was a defect with some (not all) of the copies of the movie, and they will be sending us replacement copies.

If this happened to you, please let us know about it when you return the DVD. A library staff member can reinstate your hold and move you back up to the proper place in line so you can view the entire movie. We also will know which DVDs to send back to the distributor, so no other library patrons have the same problem.

The Library District ordered more than 60 copies of the wildly popular Hunger Games DVD to satisfy the nearly 400 holds placed by library patrons. This is one of the all-time most popular titles the Library District has made available.

Posted by eBranch on August 24, 2012