Downloading audiobooks to your computer

Using downloadable audiobooks on your PC (please note that OverDrive no longer supports audiobooks downloads on Macs) :

  1. Download OverDrive Media Console, by visiting:
  2. Follow the prompts to install OverDrive Media Console, which will automatically open when the installation is complete.
  3. Go to First, Sign In to adjust your lending periods. The default is 7 days. We recommend 21. If you're not taken automatically to your Loans page, click the three books near the top right.  Click Settings, then select your preferred lending periods for each type of material. 
  4. Select a title to download. Checked in items show "Available" above the book cover; items that are checked out show either "Wait list" if you don't have the title on hold or "On hold" if you do.  Click Available now if you want a title to download right away.
  5. Click Download MP3 audiobook then Confirm.
  6. After the title has downloaded, it will automatically appear in OverDrive Media Console. Click play to begin listening, and enjoy!

Returning OverDrive audiobooks:

  1. Open OverDrive Media Console.
  2. Select the title you would like to return (it will highlight blue).
  3. Click Delete from the top menu.
  4. Click Return/Delete.
  5. The MP3 audiobook is returned and deleted.

For additional help, visit OverDrive Help, from within OverDrive.

Posted by eBranch on December 12, 2011