Downloading eBooks to your Computer (PC or Mac)

The instructions below are for titles which cannot be read directly in the browser.

Downloading eBooks to your Computer (Mac or PC, up to Windows 7 [Windows 8 instructions are also available]):

  1. Download Adobe Digital Editions, by visiting: 
  2. Click Download now.  Follow the instructions to download and install.
  3. Once Adobe Digital Editions is installed, it will open.
  4. To read eBooks from the library, you will need to authorize your computer using your Adobe ID and password.  Click Help then Authorize Computer.  If you do not have an Adobe User ID (most people don’t), you will select the Create an Adobe ID link to create one (it’s free).  
  5. After you’ve created your Adobe ID and password, go back to Adobe Digital Editions.  Enter your Adobe ID and password, then click Authorize.
  6. Open your web browser, and view our digital media in our OverDrive Collection ( ).
  7. First you'll want to Sign in so you can set your lending periods for checkouts (the default is 7 days. We recommend 21).  Click the three books near the top right to sign in.  Once signed in, click on Settings.  Set the lending periods to your preferences.
  8. Browse or search for your desired title.
    To limit your search by format, use the Advanced Search link located in the search box and make your selection in the format field. Here, you also have the option to select Available now.
  9. Checked in items show "Available" above the book cover; items that are checked out show either "Wait list" if  you don't have the title on hold or "On hold" if you do.
  10. When you find a title you want to checkout, click Borrow beneath the cover.  Click the Loans link.
  11. From your list of checkouts, click Choose a format and select EPUB, then Confirm & download.
  12. Adobe Digital Editions will automatically open.  Enjoy reading!


To return your eBook early in Adobe Digital Editions:

  1. Open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer
  2. Click on Library in the upper left-hand corner. 
  3. Right-click the book you want to return and select Return Borrowed Item.
  4. The eBook is returned and deleted!


For additional help, visit OverDrive Help.