Lose the Magazine Clippings

databaseYou may not realize the wealth of information that is stored in the Library databases. These databases are sources of both academic journal articles and popular magazines. The Masterfile and InfoTrac databases house many titles of periodicals.

For instance, I wanted to reference a how-to article that I read in Lucky Magazine about dyeing clothes with fabric dye. However, I’d already recycled my issue and couldn’t find the information on Lucky Magazine’s site or with a quick and dirty search online.

So I tried a “publication search” on our InfoTrac database and found the current edition of Lucky magazine. I knew that the fabric dye article was published in February 2011. So I clicked on that issue and was able to scan the titles for the article I wanted and save the article to my computer. With this info, I was able to DIY dye some pieces of my wardrobe and save myself some serious bucks.

Here are the specifics on a publication search for InfoTrac:

  1. Go to www.aclib.us
  2. Click on Research
  3. Click on Newspapers, Magazines, & eBooks Information
  4. Click on InfoTrac OneFile in the column on the left
  5. Click on Browse Publications (on the yellow bar)
  6. Search for the magazine title in the search box
  7. Click on the title, and view current and archived issues for free!

Many articles can be downloaded or emailed as PDFs, while some offer text-only articles (without photos). You may also click on the RSS feed to get updates when the most recent issue is available. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask a librarian. You’ll make our day.

(Photos courtesy of mandiberg and Andrew_B)