Scanners in the Library

Do you have some documents that you need to scan? Want to preserve your important documents and pictures? The library has two new types of scanners, flatbed and sheet feed, for patrons to use.

What can you do on these scanners? You can restore old, faded photos and documents. You can translate documents to text or audio files. You can save scanned items to a USB, send to an email, or print copies - even scan a document straight to your smartphone.

How about those old papers and letters from your great grandparents that you want to save? Opening and closing them wear them out. Pictures of your ancestors can deteriorate over time. By scanning to digital copies, you can save those memories for future generations.

Florida is vulnerable to hurricanes. Having your important papers (birth certificates, marriage certificates, social security card, insurance papers, that special card that your child made you) scanned and saved to the cloud or a USB that can be put in your “get out of town quickly” bag will help preserve these valuable documents, and provide a way for you to access them, even when not at home.

 Upright Scanners (at all library locations)


Sheet Feed scanner











This scanner handles multiple pages (not stapled of course) and can quickly scan back and front or just front as needed.

Flatbed scanners (located at the following branches: Alachua, Tower, Millhopper, and Headquarters)

flatbed scanner








Bulky items such as book pages can be laid flat so that the output is nice and clear to read. The scanner has a glass surface big enough to scan oversize pages. Just lay the book open to the page you want to scan with the book draped over the edge. Perfect scan every time

By CarolineH on January 31, 2022