My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares

You may know her as the author of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, but Ann Brashares knows how to write for adults as well.  Fans of The Time Travelers Wife will love My Name is Memory, a tale of a couple clearly meant to be together but who might never catch up to each other at the same moment in time. I listened to this one (take note: your library has it in audio, large print, and eBook!), and the narration is fantastic. The language is beautiful. Really beautiful. Brashares grabbed me right from the start, wanting to know if Daniel would ever catch up to Sophia, who he's loved from the beginning of time, in his present life. Daniel is an old soul, and while he's shared many lives with Sophia in different times and places (readers who enjoy fiction that travels the world in history will love this element), only he has the memory that might allow them to come together again. 

Just like with the Sisterhood series, I kept thinking this was so much better written than similar books. I I felt like I was with Daniel as he chased down Sophia, who is Lucy in his current life, trying to convince her that they were always meant to be together. I'd been warned of an abrupt ending. As it turned out, I was fine with the ending, but I did feel much better when I learned this is the first of a trilogy.


Posted by TracyB on May 16, 2014