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Book Share GraphicWhat is Book Sharing?

A community-driven approach to passing books from one reader to the next.

How does the program work?

Find it. Read it. Log it. Pass it on.

Readers can visit a variety of local businesses to check if books are available to be picked up. These dedicated locations are not the only places to find Book Share titles, since where the books are dropped off is up to the readers. Keep a look out for the Book Share stickers on the cover of each book. Once you've located and read your find, it's time to log it in under our Book Share Entry online, selecting the title of the book you've found and the location of where you found it. Last but not least, you should pass on the book you've read so that others can enjoy it. Give the book to a friend or drop it off*. Where should you drop it off? Where ever you think someone might find the book to read it next, or you can always take it to one of the participating locations for the Book Share program. Now you're done, until you find another book!

Is there more than just sharing books?

Yes! Connect with us. Follow the library on social media; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Participants are encouraged to take a selfie with a book they find or give others a clue to where they dropped a book off. Leave us a mini-review of the book when you've finished reading it. Remember to tag @AlachuaLibrary on social media and use the hashtag #SummerAtTheLibrary to share what you’ve discovered! Make sure to visit our website and attend library programs all summer long.

Loved a book and want to write a full review? Sign up for Summer at the Library, then you can write reviews and participate in various activities.

*Please do not drop books off at bookstores or high security locations, such as court houses.

*Be aware that participating locations will have varying hours of operation.

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