David Berman: 10.20, 6pm

 David Berman reads @ the Headquarters Library

Nashville resident David Berman occupies a unique spot in American writing.  This is both truism and understatement.  His first and only book of poetry (Actual Air) was published to high praise in 1999, but he has yet to produce a followup.  He dismantled his band, the Silver Jews, at the zenith of their popularity after 6 stunning albums of impressionistic county music.  He publicly disassociated himself from his conservative lobbyist father, who Berman describes as “a despicable man. My father is a sort of human molestor.”

Rather than attempt to describe Berman’s art and ideas, I present these 3 interviews in anticipation of his upcoming visit to Gainesville:

- on asymptotes;

- on party barges;

& generational set-up.

Finally, here's Berman’s web presence.

Berman’s book and Silver Jews cds are available at the library.

This free event is part of the 63rd MFA@FLA Writers Festival.  Readings by other authors will continue Friday and Saturday on the University of Florida campus.


David Berman reads two of his poems. . .

Posted by TravisF on September 20, 2011