Need Nook Knowledge Now?

Turning on that brand new Nook for the first time can be exciting, but that joy can quickly morph into anxiety and frustration if the device won't work as easily as promised.

Have you run into a brick wall trying to download the latest eBook from OverDrive onto your Nook? Don't despair, the Alachua County Library District has a number of links to guide you to the correct solution.

My Help logoFirst, be sure and check out the Overdrive help section and the user-friendly Help guide located on the Digital Collections page (in the box, on the right-hand side.)

Next, the ACLD's Digital Media Page page contains a wealth of helpful downloadable information, including a handy slideshow that goes through the eBook download process step-by-step (for all Nooks, including the Nook tablet.) 

For more Nook-specific problems:

  • Didn't read the manual? Having problems? Check out the Barnes and Noble community forums for the Nook Tablet, Nook Color, Nook Simple Touch, Nook First Edition and other Nook resources. Here, Nook users share tips and tricks they've discovered while using their Nooks. (Although this site is moderated by  Barnes and Noble support staff, a community of users contributes to this source. Because membership in this community may include non-experts, information taken from this source should be verified using other, more reliable sources.)

Of course, your best bet is to check with the manufacturer. Barnes and Noble has a technical support section for the Nook Tablet, Nook Color, Nook Simple Touch (with Glowlight), Nook First Edition, Nook Reading apps, and Nook for the Web.

Here's to fast downloading, and a year full of good eBook reads!


Posted by MikiW on September 17, 2012