Adult Coloring Fun!

These days, lots of people have reconnected with their inner child by sitting down with a coloring book and a box of crayons or coloring pencils. They’re rediscovering how fun and relaxing this childhood pastime truly is. You can go just about anywhere and find a variety of adult coloring books for sale with difficulty levels anywhere from easy to highly detailed and themes from perfectly innocent to perfectly raunchy. Adult coloring books have even gone electronic; just go to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android), search for adult coloring books, and you’ll find a wide variety of apps, most which are free. I’ve caught on to this craze myself, my choice of format being electronic. My iPad has several different free apps on it and I love to sit and “color” while relaxing on the sofa watching Netflix.

The coloring apps currently on my iPad:

Here are a few examples of my coloring:

Even ACLD has jumped on the adult coloring bandwagon. Currently, adult coloring programs are being offered at Alachua, Cone Park, Hawthorne, Library Partnership and Tower Road branches—click on the library’s events calendar for specific dates and times.

If you prefer the traditional analog way of coloring, I have some good news for you! We have several adult coloring books available in eBook format via our Overdrive service. I’ve compiled a list of them here. With most of these titles, you have the ability to print out individual pages and color to your heart’s content. Of course, as with all the eBooks at ACLD, they are free for you to check out.

Happy coloring!