The African American Experience

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An African American cookbook : traditional and other favorite recipes / Phoebe Bailey.

641.5929607 BAI 2015

An African American Cookbook: Traditional and Other Favorite Recipes is a bountiful collection of favorite foods and the memories that go with them. The traditional foods reflect the ingenious, resourceful, and imaginative Africans who made them.

The black presidency : Barak Obama and the politics of race in America / Michael Eric Dyson.

305.800973 DYS 2016

Offers a provocative exploration into the meaning of America's first black presidency, and an analysis of how race and blackness shape our understanding of Barack Obama's achievements and failures, and America's racial future.

Blackballed : the black and white politics of race on America’s campuses / Lawrence Ross


A controversial assessment of racism in America's higher education institutions argues that today's colleges have become hostile spaces for African-American students, exposing racist practices in white fraternity systems, the segregation consequences of affirmative action programs and the upholding of racist alumni.

Democracy in Black : how race still enslaves the American soul / Eddie Glaude.

306.896073 GLA 2016

A professor at Princeton University makes the case that multiple forces have conspired to deepen the impoverishment of black communities, crystallizing the untenable position of Black America and offering thoughts on a better way forward.

The education of Kevin Powell : a boy’s journey into manhood / Kevin Powell.

814.6 POW 2015

In a memoir by a child of post-Civil Rights America, an acclaimed poet, journalist, essayist and public speaker recounts the poverty of his youth; his struggles over a legacy of anger, violence and self-hatred; and his life-affirming journey to be a man and a voice for others.

The family tree : a lynching in Georgia, a legacy of secrets, and my search for the truth / Karen Branan.

364.134 BRA 2016

A provocative true account of the hanging of four black people by a white lynch mob in 1912 is written by a descendant of the sheriff charged with protecting them and draws on diaries and letters to piece together the events and motives that led up to the tragedy.

Incarceration Nations : a journey to justice in prisons around the world / Baz Dreisinger.


In a first-person odyssey through the prison systems of the world, a professor, journalist and founder of the Prison-to-College-Pipeline, sharing the human stories of incarcerated men and women and those who imprison them, rethinks the state of justice in a global context.

The life and adventures of a haunted convict / Austin Reed.


This recently-discovered memoir describes the life of a young, black man who was born a free man, but sent to juvenile reform school in Manhattan and then repeatedly incarcerated in a state prison throughout his adult life in the 18th century.

Reach: 40 black men speak on living, leading, and succeeding.

305.3889607 REA 2015

A collection of personal essays by black men from all walks of life shares their inspiring stories and views about better community engagement, offering contributions from such figures as Al Sharpton, John Legend, and Isiah Thomas.

Remembering Paradise Park : tourism and segregation at Silver Springs / Lu Vickers.

915.9 VIC 2015

Paradise Park was the colored-only counterpart to Silver Springs, a central Florida tourist attraction famous for its crystal-clear water and glass bottom boats. Together the two parks comprised one of the biggest recreational facilities in the country before Disney World. From 1949 to 1969, boats passed each other on the Silver River, blacks on one side, whites on the other. Though the patrons of both parks shared the same river, they seldom crossed the invisible line in the water.