Arthurian Twist with Frank Miller Art

Cursed Cover Image

I was blessed with an ARC for Cursed, a collaboration between renowned graphic novel artist Frank Miller and screenwriter Thomas Wheeler. I love all things British monarchy, and found myself very pleasantly surprised by this story. It centers around Nimue, who is a mysterious and evil force in most Arthurian legend, but is simply a creature of misfortune in this story. She is forced to defend her family and people, and step up to an impossible task. Along the way she meets the hapless Arthur, who, reluctantly, signs on to help her. We also see revised versions of Merlin, Uther Pendragon, Lancelot and Morgan in this retelling, all wonderfully fresh from their usual stories. It is a great book to teach empathy and the villians all have complex backstories, making them neither wholly horrible nor necessarily redeemable. Love this book for teens and adults, and I am eagerly awaiting the show on Netflix!