Celebrate your freedom to read

Each year, the American Library Association holds a Banned Books Week to celebrate the freedom to read, as well as compiling a list of the most frequently challenged and/or banned books in libraries across the U.S.

A book challenge is a complaint that a book is unsuited for its intended age group, that people shouldn't be able to read it without permission, or that the book simply should not be available at the library.  A book banning is the removal of a book from a library due to its content (rather than, for instance, the book's physical condition).

While some challenges do result in a book banning, others might result in a book being relocated to another section (e.g. from kids to teens, or from teens to adults). And many challenges do not result in any change in access to the book(s) at all.

Banned Books Week is September 25 − October 1, 2016.  Celebrate your freedom to read with any of the books below.

Here are the top ten most frequently challenged books of 2015, according to the ALA:

Here are other frequently-challenged books over the last five years of ALA lists:

Posted by JohnJ on September 19, 2016