Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski

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This book will turn what you know about women’s sexuality upside down!

For years, women’s sexuality has been regarded as being basically the same as a man’s sexuality, just watered down. Nagoski argues that this is not the case. While we all have the same parts, we’re organized in different ways, so a wide variety of responses to sexual stimuli can all be considered in the “normal” range. How we respond depends on context, including emotional, cultural, and physical. Nagoski spends a lot of time discussing accelerators and brakes—those things that turn us on and those things that put a damper on our ability to enjoy our sexual experiences. To make these concepts easier to understand, she weaves stories featuring several couples (who are composites of actual patients of hers) in a variety of relationship situations throughout the book.

While women are the main intended audience of this book, a lot of the information will be useful to men, especially those who want to better understand their woman partners. The book doesn’t focus specifically on heterosexual relationships, also making it relevant to LGBTQ readers.

My conclusion--read this book! You’ll be glad that you did!