Crazy Horse Descendant to Speak at HQ

The Crazy Horse family member Floyd Clown and author William Matson will be here to speak and sign their book Crazy Horse: The Lakota Warrior's Life and Legacy on Sunday, January 26 at Headquarters Branch in Meeting Room A at 2:00 p.m.Book jacketBill and Floyd

The Crazy Horse family's oral history had not been told outside the family for over a century. Now it is ready to be told by Clown, who is the son of Edward Clown, who was the nephew to Crazy Horse and the keeper of the sacred bundle and pipe for the family after his mother Iron Cedar passed away.

Their book includes what they know about one of Montana's biggest events, the battle of the Little Bighorn including who killed Custer, how he was killed, and what happened to his missing index finger. 

 William Matson is a leading authority on the Crazy Horse family, Sitting Bull family, and Lakota oral histories. He produced and directed the highly acclaimed four part video series The Authorized Biography of Crazy Horse and His Family and two part video series The Authorized Biography of Sitting Bull by His Great Grandson. He most recently produced the award winning Sitting Bull’s Voice. He is regularly asked to speak on these published works at libraries and film festivals. He has known the Crazy Horse family since 2001 and has spent untold hours working with them to get their oral history written down as it was told. Crazy Horse: The Lakota Warrior's Life and Legacy is his first effort. Matson currently lives in Spearfish, SD. 

Edward Clown was the Lakota warrior Crazy Horse’s nephew. Clown’s mother Iron Cedar and Crazy Horse shared the same father, also known as Crazy Horse and in later life as Waglula, The Edward Clown family is well known around Lakota reservations as the true descendants of Crazy Horse and is often asked to speak at National Parks and historical gatherings. They have preserved their oral history in the Lakota tradition for over a century as only a family can. Floyd Clown has been the appointed spokesmen for the family. This is the first time they have told the family’s oral history in writing since Crazy Horse’s death in 1877. Floyd Clown currently lives in Dupree, SD, on the Cheyenne River Reservation. 

Posted by FionaL on December 11, 2019