Doctor Strange: The Way of the Weird by Jason Aaron

So, I must admit, I never read Doctor Strange before, especially in regards to reading it before seeing the new movie (which was pretty good).

With that said, I did enjoy reading this graphic novel, as well as looking at it for the illustrations. It starts out with Strange telling you (in a rather condensed version) of who he was, what he did and how he became the Sorcerer Supreme. When you turn the page, you're in the moment of the story of "The Way of the Weird". The premise of the story is that there are strang-er elements coming to Earth from the depths of the mystical and magical world that have never come before. This is a sign of an impending doom. Something is making these flee to Earth, and it's not good. As Strange starts to investigate it, it soon becomes apparent to him that magic is in danger of being eradicated.

That's as much as I will reveal. You will just have to read the book. HA!

But I will say, that as a librarian, I was really amused that there was an inclusion of a character that was a librarian.

What really made me like this graphic novel, other than the story itself, are the illustrations and coloring. They are so detailed and dark, but bright and colorful where they need to be. I just really loved looking at all of the intricacies that the illustrator added to the story. It really emphasized all aspects of the story. When there was a dark and foreboding moment, you really saw it and felt it through the illustrations and coloring. When there were moments of humor, levity and lightness you saw it in the coloring. I really also appreciated the illustrator and colorists use or non-use of color too.

As a visual person, there are times where I'm over-stimulated and I can't enjoy what I'm seeing because there's just so much 'information'. Both the illustrator and colorist were able to use lines and colors in a way to emphasize high action moments with lots of colors and this almost frantic and electric frenetic strategic line work (that's the only way I can describe it), as well as to show the quiet moments with clean lines, muted or limited colors, which I appreciated.

Overall, I enjoyed reading and viewing this graphic novel and will be picking up the next volume soon, and I suggest you do the same!


See what your local library has on Doctor Strange here!


If you haven't seen the new movie yet, or the trailer, check it out below!


DOCTOR STRANGE Official Trailer (Marvel - 2016 )

Posted by AngelaM on November 16, 2016