Drug smuggling, close knit community, Storm of the Century, undercover State Trooper.

author David MatherAccording to the author, “My latest novel, Crescent Beach, is about a lawless, small coastal fishing village in the Big Bend area of Florida that is slammed by the Storm of the Century in 1993.”

The people of Crescent Beach enjoy a simple way of life. Fishing, Poker, town meetings, and drug smuggling are the way of life in this small backwards leaning town. Undercover State Trooper Rusty McMillian is assigned the task of finding out who the key smuggling operator is and to stamp out the smuggling. McMillian is surprised by the town people and becomes a part of the town. Before McMillian has to make a decision on the information he uncovers, the Storm of the Century hits the small community and Rusty becomes involved in the life and death struggle along with the citizens of Crescent Beach.

Mathers is also the author of One for the Road and its sequel When the Whistling Stopped. Please join us in welcoming David to the library on November 19, 2016 in Meeting Room A at 2:00 PM for a reading of his new book.