Florida Author Pierce Kelley

Florida author Pierce KelleyForida author and attorney, Pierce Kelley, will present his novel Pilgrimage: A Journey of Self Discovery on the El Camino de Santiago. The story follows a young boy as he travels the famous trail in Spain. Pilgrimage is the fourth book in a five book series which began in Sirte, Libya when 21 Coptic Christians were beheaded by ISIS in February of 2015. That book is entitled Massacre at Sirte. In this book, the 16 year old Egyptian boy, who was released by ISIS and told to tell the world what he saw and heard in Sirte that dreadful day, walks 500 miles from St. John Pied du Port in the foothills of the Pyranese mountains in sourthern France to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain on el Camino de Santiago to discover who he is and what he believes. He is still sought by ISIS and is hiding from them. El Camino received much attention in the US because of a book written by Shirley Maclaine, who also walked it, and a movie starring Martin Sheen called THE WAY, which came out in 2010. Emilio Estevez, his son, directed and produced it, as well as starring in it.

Pierce Kelley also walked this trek, all 500 miles, or 800 kilometers, if you prefer, and this book, Pilgrimage, is actually a fairly accurate account of all that he saw and of all the people he met on that trip, while introducing himself as a 16 year old Egyptian boy.

Among other notable accomplishments by Kelley are that he is also an attorney and was a nationally ranked tennis player. 

Kelley will present his book on Sunday, March 31 at 2:30 in Meeting Room B

Posted by FionaL on March 19, 2019