Florida Author Robert Buccellato

Rumrunners and Moonshiners of Old Florida was published in January 2019. Travel back to one of the most colorful and captivating periods of Florida history, a time when the rebellious spirit of Old Florida challenged the federal government. It was a time when Prohibition ended legal production of spirits and ordinary citizens turned to a life of crime. The book contains a great deal of images on all aspects of illegal production and distribution of liquor in Florida during the 1900s. It also features a wealth of interviews and anecdotes about life in the period from those who lived through it. It is not a lengthy study of the causes of prohibition, but it is a fun, brief photo book about the great state of Florida that shines a light on a forgotten time of bootlegged liquors, corrupt rural sheriffs, crafty moonshiners, and panhandle traditions that go back centuries.  

buccellato headshotRobert Buccellato is the author of Florida Governors Lasting Legacies, Jimmy Carter in Plains The Presedential Hometown, Finding Dan McCarthy, and Rumrunners and Moonshiners of Old Florida. Buccellato was the Historian for the Clerk of Courts for Leon County, a position created for him, between 2015-17. In 2017, Buccellato was appointed by Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum to the Canopy Roads Advisory Committee. 

Buccellato lives in Tallahassee with his wife and their children. 

He will be at Headquarters Library to present his book on Saturday, March 16 at 2:30 pm in the Foundation Room

Posted by FionaL on March 12, 2019