Girl Waits with Gun

Meet the Misses Kopp, three clever, plucky, independent women who in 1914 became parties in what may have been the very first documented case of road rage. Girl Waits with Gun, the historical novel by Amy Stewart, chronicles this tale of the real-life Kopp sisters, who on a summer morning in Paterson, New Jersey watch helplessly as a man crashes his automobile into their horse-drawn buggy. The owner of the car is Henry Kaufman, a loathsome silk baron who has more money than sense, and when the eldest sister, Constance, demands restitution, the women find themselves the targets of harassment and intimidation. When the sisters enlist the aid of the local sheriff, Kaufman and his thugs kick it up a notch with threats of kidnapping and arson. But these women are made of tougher stuff, and armed with weapons of their own, they devise a plot to thwart the miscreants, and see justice done.

Amy Stewart will be at Headquarters Library May 22, 2:30 p.m. as part of the Author Series. 


Posted by DebbieL on April 26, 2016