The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas: A MUST read for teens and adults

The Hate You Give book coverVery often highly anticipated books don’t quite reach the hype. The Hate U Give by debut author Angie Thomas should receive all the anticipated reaction and much, much more. This beautifully written, timely, and much-needed book touches a topic we all need to see and was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Starr is a sixteen-year-old black girl growing up in a poor part of town and has already witnessed the death of her best friend when she was ten. She is torn between two worlds because she has her home life and the well-off high school she attends on the other side of town. She has a caring family but one that has gone through and continues to go through the struggles of their life in the poor part of town.

Then one night as a childhood friend tries to get her home after some gang problems, she witnesses his death when they are pulled over by a policeman. Her friend was unarmed. The book takes the reader through the myriad of events although it is the emotional struggles Starr goes through that jump off the page and pull the in the reader.

For those teens and adults interested in contemporary social issues, this book is a must. You can place a hold by clicking this link.


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