Jill Ciment - coming March 14 to your Headquarters Library!

Her biography tells us that Jill Ciment was born in Montreal, Canada. She is the author of five novels, Act of God (March 2015), Heroic Measures, The Tattoo Artist, Teeth of the Dog, and The Law of Falling Bodies; a collection of stories, Small Claims; and a memoir, Half a Life.  Her most recent novel Act of God, is a contemporary noir-novel that starts out a comedy-of-errors and turns darker at every hairpin turn. Heroic Measures has been made into a feature film starring Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton, coming to theaters in May 2015. She has been awarded a National Endowment for the Arts, a NEA Japan Fellowship Prize, two New York State Fellowships for the Arts, the Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize, and a Guggenheim Fellowship. Ciment is a professor of English at the University of Florida.

What her biography doesn't tell us is that she will be at our Headquarters location on March 14 at 2:30 PM to discuss her latest novel, Act of God.

Interested?  Well, you're in luck.  Check out one (or all) of these titles at your local library.  And remember to come meet this acclaimed author on Saturday, March 14!


Jill Ciment - Act of GodAct of God     Jill Ciment - Half a Life Half a Life      Jill Ciment - Heroic Measures Heroic Measures 


Jill Ciment - Teeth of the Dog Teeth of the Dog  Jill Ciment - The Tattoo Artist The Tattoo Artist


Thumbnail photo credit:  Arnold Mesches

Posted by LisaF on March 3, 2015