The Last Days of Night


The Last Days of Night takes place during one of America's most transformative moments; the addition of electric power transmission in the late 1880s and early 1890s. A young lawyer with virtually no experience is hired by George Westinghouse to represent him in his on-going legal battle with Thomas Edison about the light bulb patent. It was the light bulb invention that started the "War of the Currents" and electrically lighting America was a big prize to win. Graham Moore takes us on a journey that includes some huge characters from that time; Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, and more. His descriptions of the time period makes you feel like you are there,  

Fans of Erik Larson will immediately recognize the same thrilling page turning adventure of The Last Days of Night. Graham Moore is also the author of another historical fiction mystery about Sherlock Holmes.  Click on the cover below to place a hold for The Sherlockian.

Moore is also the screenwriter for the award winning film; The Imitation Game about another interesting historical event; the breaking of the WWII enigma code. A link to the dvd is listed bleow. 

All three of these titles are well worth your time and hopefully we will be seeing many Grahmam Moore titles in the future.



Posted by LindaD on December 17, 2016