Library Skills for the Power User: ebooks

So maybe you've heard about ebooks and downloadables and the like, but maybe you really didn't know what they were or how you would go about using them.  Frankly, you might even be a little intimidated by the whole concept.  If you are, that's okay.  We understand.  And we want you to not be afraid.  That's why we will be available on Monday, October 12, at 6:30 PM in Meeting Room B at Headquarters to help you get an idea about how to go about downloading your first ebook or your first audiobook.  Bring your fully charged device(s), as well as any cables and plugs that came with your phone, tablet, e-reader, etc., and we will do our very best to help you through the process.  

And remember, the first few times you do something, it is usually hard.  Remember learning to tie your shoes or ride a bike?  If you could learn to do those, you can learn to do this.  

Hope to see you on Monday.

Posted by LisaF on October 6, 2015