Live your best life : Move that body!

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Encyclopedia of exercise anatomy / Hollis Lance Liebman.

Fitness magazine editor and national bodybuilding champion Liebman's no-nonsense title goes back to the basics, educating users on how to do specific exercises, illustrating in anatomical sketches how the body is affected by them, and listing which exercises best prepare the body for various sports. (Library Journal)


Everybody yoga : let go of fear, get on the mat, love your body / Jessamyn Stanley.

An internationally recognized, stereotype-shattering yogi welcomes people of all shapes and sizes to start practicing yoga with simple instructions for 50 basic yoga poses and 10 sequences and reinforces the idea that yoga is about how someone feels, not looks. (Atlas Pub.)


Fitter faster : the smart way to get into shape in just minutes a day / Robert J. Davis with Brad Kolowich, Jr.

A science-backed guide sorts through fitness fads and fallacies to provide the best information for a healthy lifestyle, from stretching and workout routines to proper equipment, dietary supplements and post-workout protein shakes. (Atlas Pub.)


100 things you can do to stay fit & healthy : simple steps to better your body and improve your mind / Scott Douglas.

Douglas delivers “simple tips and tactics” for complete health, encouraging readers to “embrace simple, small incremental changes” and integrate them with everyday living. (Booklist)


The one-minute workout : science shows a way to get fit that’s smarter, faster, shorter / Martin Gibala.

Draws on the author's work in exercise physiology and high-intensity interval training to reveal the scientific plausibility of short burst workouts that can promote fitness in spite of busy schedules, outlining a range of basic interval workouts and microworkouts that can be customized for individual needs. (Atlas Pub.)


Pretty intense : the 90-day mind, body, and food plan that will absolutely change your life / Danica Patrick.

The popular NASCAR star outlines a 90-day, high-intensity program for sculpting the body and calming the mind, complementing a customized, energy-centric eating plan with full-body training and stretching exercises to promote strength, endurance and flexibility. (Atlas Pub.)


Run forever : your complete guide to healthy lifetime running / Amby Burfoot.

Shares practical advice and wisdom on the simplicity of running, offering tips on self-motivation, avoiding injuries, increasing speed and endurance, and reaching goals. (Baker & Taylor)


The RBG workout : how she stays strong…and you can too! / Bryant Johnson.

A lighthearted, fully illustrated fitness guide detailing octogenarian Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's twice-weekly workouts with the author, her personal trainer, demonstrates each exercise in accessible detail and is complemented by professional tips, informative sidebars and folksy health wisdom. (Atlas Pub.)


The 3-D body revolution : the ultimate workout & nutrition blueprint to get healthy and lean / Donald Driver.

Complemented by recipes, a targeted, discipline-oriented fitness program by the former Green Bay Packers wide receiver shares the personal story of how he reclaimed fitness after retirement before becoming a wellness instructor. (Atlas Pub.)


The Women’s Health fitness fix : quick HIIT workouts, easy recipes, and stress-free strategies for managing a healthy life / Jen Ator.

The Women's Health Fitness Fix is a refreshing, realistic guide for anyone who wants a better body. You’ll find all the tools you need for successful and lasting weight loss—no rigid, inflexible diet rules or demanding, time-consuming workout programs. These easy-to-follow strategies are practiced by the US’s leading fitness experts, tested by the world’s top researchers, and proven by everyday busy people across the US. (McMillan Palgrave)