Living your best life : Manage your time

There are many approaches to effectively managing your time. Take a look a these titles and find the way that works best for you! As always, click on the book cover to be taken to the catalog where you can check availability and/or place your holds.

The art of stopping time : practical mindfulness for busy people / Pedram Shojai

Outlines recommendations for innovative and mindful time management as inspired by ancient Chinese spiritual practices, demonstrating how to find moments of transformative mental awareness during everyday tasks. (Baker & Taylor)

Beyond bullets : creative journaling ideas to customize your personal productivity system / Megan Rutell

Fun, colorful, and creative suggestions for the newest productivity phenomenon. Going beyond basic tools, this book offers tips, tricks and creative ways to transform your notebook into a treasured life companion. (Persus Pub.)

Do less, get more : how to work smart and live life your way / Shaa Wasmund.

Offers advice on using time more effectively, including stop putting things off, nurturing support networks, and scheduling for value. (Baker & Taylor)

Dot journaling : a practical guide / how to start and keep the planner, to do list, and diary that’ll actually help you get your life together / Rachel Wilkerson Miller.

Provides instruction on dot journaling, describing how this method of record keeping can be used in such areas as relationships, habits, goals, hobbies, and health, using bullet points on a grid background as its core framework. (Baker & Taylor)

Drop the ball : achieving more by doing less / Tiffany Dufu.

A leading figure in the women's leadership movement counsels women on how to cultivate the essential skills of reevaluating expectations, setting realistic goals, and meaningfully engaging with others in order to thrive in personal and professional arenas. (Baker & Taylor)

How to get sh*t done : why women need to stop doing everything so they can achieve anything / Erin Falconer.

Shares real-life stories and actionable resources to provide over-scheduled, overwhelmed women with advice on how to overcome complicated patriarchal models of productivity so that they can prioritize needs and achieve more while doing less. (Baker & Taylor)

I know how she does it : how successful women make the most of their time / Laura Vanderkam.

A time-management expert describes how women with demanding jobs and family can have, and manage, it all. (Baker & Taylor)

The inefficiency assassin : time management tactics for working smarter, not longer / Helene Segrera.

Discusses how to diagnose productivity challenges, make the necessary adjustments, and transform businesses and work lives through detailed strategies and tactics. (Baker & Taylor)

Less doing, more living : make everything in life easier / Ari Miesel.

Explores the fundamental principles of the "Less Doing" philosophy, providing readers with essential tools and techniques for streamlining their workload, being more efficient in their day-to-day activities, and making everything in life easier. (Baker & Taylor)

Organize tomorrow today : 8 ways to retrain the mind to optimize performance at work and in life / Jason Selk.

In the spirit of business/self-help hits such as Darren Hardy's The Compound Effect, a simple formula for productivity and success, from a prominent sports psychologist and a star business coach who join forces to offer seven fundamental skills for improving your habits and achieving peak performance in work and life. (Persus Pub.)