Local Author Series Welcomes Cassie Dandridge Selleck

Cassie Dandridge Selleck is a native Floridian, originally from Leesburg. She is the author of three novels, including Amazon Best Seller The Pecan Man, its sequel The Truth About Grace, and the first in her Beanie Bradsher Series, What Matters in Mayhew. An avid reader, storyteller, and photographer, she and her husband Perry now live on the Suwannee River near Mayo.

The Pecan Man is a work of Southern Fiction set in the 1970s in what locals recognize as Leesburg. Its protagonist, Ora Lee Beckworth, narrates the story of why an innocent black man dies in prison for a crime he didn't commit. In the retelling, Ora learns much about herself and what it means to be a family. The novel has sold over 200,000 copies on Amazon, has been chosen by book clubs across the country, and has been optioned for film rights by BCDF Pictures. 

In the summer of 1976, recently widowed Ora Lee Bekworth hires a homeless black man to mow her lawn. The neighborhood children call him the the Pee-can Man; their mothers call them inside whenever he appears. When he is arrested for murder, only Ora knows what really happened in the woods where Eddie lived. But truth is a fickle thing, and a lie is self-perpetuating. Ora and her housekeeper Blanche soon find themsleves in a web of lies that send an innocent man to prison for the rest of his life. Twenty-five years later, Ora sets out to tell the truth about The Pecan Man. 

Selleck will be in Meeting Room A on Sunday, Dec. 2 at 2:30 pm

Posted by FionaL on November 14, 2018