Local Author Series Welcomes J. Elliott

J. Elliott will present her book Tales from Kensington & Other Macabre & Unsettling Offerings on Sunday, October 28 at 2:30 pm in Meeting Room A. 

Tales from Kensington is a collection of spooky stories, sometimes amusing, and assuredly disquieting. Join a group of college kids telling ghost stories on Halloween night. Follow a famous photographer to an NPR-like radio interview. Why won't he answer the big question: Why did he give up photography? A long-vacant home in a historic district is finally purchased. The owners plan to open a candy store. How sweet. Nurses is a hospital notice some unusual qualities about some of the patients....Haunted houses, haunted people. Why wait for Halloween? 

J. Elliott is an artist and author living in Alachua, Florida. Tales From Kensington is her second collection of ghost stories following Ghost Lite. She is working on a humorous women's fiction series, the "Haint Blue, Adventures Along the Way" books, which are set in High Springs, Florida. 

Posted by FionaL on October 3, 2018